Partnership In Support Of Women's Leadership, Empowerment Initiatives In Africa

The Paper Fig Foundation (PFF), the charitable initiative of New York City-based event management and production firm, LDJ Productions, along with the Global Livingston Institute (GLI), whose mission is to educate students and community leaders on innovative approaches to international development, today announced a newly created partnership. The organizations will collaborate on the ground in East Africa to support existing education initiatives and to create a slate of leadership programming in the coming year. 

PFF provides communities in need with practical, hands-on education and support from a growing group of professionals within the LDJ network. The LDJ and PFF network will lend its skills in event production for GLI's Women's Leadership Retreat June 3 to 5 at the Entusi Resort and Retreat Center in Uganda. The annual three-day GLI conference will feature several presentations, including one from alumnae and 2016 chair of the conference, Agnes Igoye (a leading expert on human trafficking in East Africa).

"We at GLI are focused on community development in Uganda and Rwanda, and are always open to expand the network with quality partnerships in the region," said Jamie Van Leeuwen, founder, Global Livingston Institute. "Joining forces with Paper Fig will allow us to bolster our leadership initiatives and connect with another well-established team on the ground."

"From mentorship to women's empowerment we are already in the process of developing quality programs for 2016," said Laurie DeJong, CEO, LDJ Productions and Founder, Paper Fig Foundation. "Working alongside a like-minded organization will grant us the support needed to continue expansion and program development in East Africa."

In the coming months, GLI and PFF will announce additional ventures, including a benefit program in September, and large-scale events in Kigali and Kampala in October. For more information, visit and

About The Paper Fig Foundation 
The Paper Fig Foundation (PFF) is the charitable initiative of NYC-based event management and production firm, LDJ Productions. Its mission is to empower and support sustainable community development projects and women's empowerment in East Africa. PFF provides communities with practical, hands-on education and support from a growing group of professionals within the LDJ network. Through this process, PFF and its partners are working to create sustainable community development programs in the region.

About LDJ Productions 
LDJ Productions, headquartered in New York City, is a technical production, creative services and event management company that produces large scale events on a global scale.  The firm have been agency producers of NY Fashion Week for over a decade and are responsible for executing the vision and managing the day to day operations of the biannual event. With a brilliant team of designers, engineers, show producers and travel directors, they produce many large scale high profile conference and events across the beauty, tech, publishing, cultural and entertainment industries

About Global Livingston Institute 
The Global Livingston Institute (GLI) is a Denver-based research institute developing strategic partnerships in both East Africa and in the United States with a focus on education and social impact. Modeled after the Aspen Institute and the Rockefeller Bellagio Center, the GLI creates a place at the table for students and community leaders to discuss innovative complex solutions to poverty. The organization is divided into two core areas of focus: education (Listen. Think.) and social impact (Act.).

The GLI currently takes more than 100 students and community leaders to East Africa each year for university study abroad trips, high school trips, leadership conferences, youth summits, research internships, and a number of other events. The organization also employs 20 Ugandans full time to manage our East African operations.

The Global Livingston Institute has two campuses; one in the Muyenga District of Kampala in Central Uganda and our main research center in Kabale in Southern Uganda (Entusi Resort and Retreat Center). The GLI is also operating research projects in northern Uganda and has public health and education contacts throughout the country. The GLI selected Uganda and Rwanda as both countries are eager to engage in research, education and job creation opportunities. Since 2009, the GLI has developed extensive networks with the public, private and nonprofit communities in both countries. 


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