Women’s Leadership Retreat

Since 2013, more than 30 influential women from the United States and East Africa have come together for a three-day conference at the Entusi Resort.

The conference, co-chaired each year by a Ugandan and an American, has hosted women working in public, private, nonprofit and academic sectors. Past areas of focus have included topics such as work-life balance, goal setting, and gender rights. But more importantly, the Women’s Leadership Retreat has become a place for key leaders from around the globe to come together and tell their stories; to have a seat at the table and to grow their networks to impact positive change; to listen and think… and then act. And when they are finished listening and thinking at the Women’s Leadership Summit and begin to act… some amazing things happen!

Women's Conference supported by Extraordinary Living Foundation

Fostering women’s empowerment, collaborative thinking, dialogue, and culture sharing.

After spending three days listening and thinking with one another, the Women’s Leadership Retreat has led to many exciting outcomes. Some women have decided to further their education, assumed leadership positions in business enterprises, and formed lasting relationships with new mentors. Two alumnae, Agnes Igoye (leading expert on human trafficking in East Africa) and Florence Ozor (a founder of the #BringBackOurGirls movement in Nigeria) have traveled to the United States with the GLI to raise awareness and grow their voice on issues they raised at the Women’s Leadership Summit.