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Programs & Projects

The mission of the Global Livingston Institute is to educate students and community leaders on innovative approaches to international development and empower awareness, collaboration, conversations and personal growth. 

Our goal at the GLI is to individualize your experiences and make your time in Uganda and Rwanda transformational and life changing! We want you to build your outcomes not before you leave but based on your experiences when you are there. Alongside our passion for education, we believe that job creation is what is going to move people out of poverty and into sustainable living conditions in East Africa. That is why we have aligned our organization with social impact initiatives in the region.


Immersion Trips 

Each year, we are fortunate to have over 200 students and community leaders join us in East Africa. Some of our flagship programs in East Africa include university study abroad courses, women’s leadership conferences, youth summits, high school leadership programs, research and community based internships, and an HIV awareness music festival.


 Internship Programs

GLI interns pursue independent research projects ranging from rural community development to urban studies. We individualize these experiences and tap into your passions and interests!    

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Concert Series

Since 2014, GLI has hosted free concerts in East Africa centered around culture sharing, public health, and economic development. Tens of thousands of people have attended the shows and more than 16,000 have received a free HIV test, among other health services.


Women’s Leadership Retreat

Each June since 2013, more than 30 influential women from the United States and East Africa have come together for a three-day conference at the Entusi Resort and Retreat Center to foster women’s empowerment, collaborative thinking, dialogue, and culture sharing.


 Youth Summit

Students at the Youth Summit spend a weekend together cultivating leadership skills through critical dialogue, guest speakers and facilitated leadership development exercises. In the true spirit of GLI’s mission to listen, think, and then act, after the conference, each student is asked to identify an issue in his or her home community for which these leadership skills can be used to help create improvements. 



Since technology is currently the biggest driver of development in the modern world, we are helping students from different schools and villages, as well as Entusi staff, to get exposure to computers and learn/improve their skills.

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The model farm is an example of everything that we can grow in the region and exemplifies more efficient methods of farming that are lacking from the region. It will serve as an example for the region as to what resources they could use and how it could improve their efficiency and overall production.


Solar Mini-Grid

Entusi is home to an incredible Solar power mini-grid system that has transformed the way we operate on the peninsula! In partnership with MeshPower Rwanda, Entusi has been almost exclusively powered by solar energy for its general operations.


World Down Syndrome

Since 2016, GLI has been involved with various efforts related to Down syndrome in Uganda. GLI has developed a great partnership with the U.S. Global Down Syndrome Foundation as well as several partners in Uganda who are involved in services targeted towards differently-abled populations in the region.


SS Potamkin 

Built at Entusi and unveiled to the public in 2017, the SS Potamkin Boat is providing public transportation to different villages and tourists on the lake. The boat provides transport to dozens of pupils and students of schools on Bwama Island.


BasketBall Court 

Built and unveiled to the community in 2016, the basketball court was born after long discussion and brainstorming with local community members to address youth. The basketball court targets unemployed youth and those that are being affected by drug abuse and alcohol, to introduce a productive activity and create a safe environment for important conversation.