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Staffable is a recruiting and training company based in East Africa – a workforce accelerator – dedicated to finding clients the best talent available, and designing training programs and workshops to improve effectiveness of their employees and leadership, making them more successful on the job.

Since its inception, Staffable has facilitated over 200 job placements for Ugandan nationals within the local workforce. One of the company’s most noteworthy partnerships is with Pizza Hut, an American restaurant chain and international franchise (subsidiary to Yum! Brands Inc.). A relatively recent addition to the Ugandan food and service skyline, Pizza Hut launched in Uganda in May, 2016. Working alongside Pizza Hut’s Human Resources department, Staffable Africa has recruited over a hundred new employees to work for the chain in a range of positions, from Supervisor to Team Member.

Here at GLI, we have spent years focusing on education and job creation. In 2016, we launched a unique and innovative for-profit social impact company to bridge the gap between young, educated Ugandans and employment in the hospitality industry. Staffable is recruiting Ugandans who are eager to work in their country’s burgeoning hospitality industry.

GLI selects students from the University of Denver’s School of Hospitality to work with Staffable to manage and implement a hospitality training curriculum for these individuals. We also act as the social responsibility arm of the company – ensuring that the Ugandans we place get paid a competitive, fair wage and measure improvements in their quality of life. In the early stages of this company, we have already employed 115 Ugandans and counting!

There are increasing opportunities to engage the untapped labor market in Uganda and Rwanda to address the challenges that both West and East African companies face in hiring local human capital.

Finding well-trained people with basic skills is a significant obstacle for growth. Hiring local workers into fair paying jobs is a critical step in helping countries like Uganda move people out of poverty. Workforce development, when done correctly is both sustainable and results in high social impact.

GLI is creating workforce development initiative with Sanders Family Philanthropic Foundation to train and employ entry level Ugandans so they may gain access to fair paying, sustainable jobs that have a social impact both on the individual and their respective community. Much of the work is targeting women, ensuring that fair hiring opportunities exist to train and hire single mothers among emerging female leaders into occupations and industries that are male-dominated.

In 5-7 years, the GLI hopes to be one of the leading community development organizations as it relates to international workforce development. Through collaborative and strategic partnerships involving the public, private, and nonprofit sectors, including a host of academic partners from around the world, GLI leverages resources in a smart, and sustainable way. As the program evolves, GLI will work to ensure companies who hire these persons are providing employees with the necessary support to demonstrate a measurable social impact, both individually as it relates to their own health indicators, and for the community.

GLI will also leverage a unique partnership with Staffable Africa, a for-profit recruiting company targeting SMEs and social impact companies, to link trainings to smart, long-term job opportunities.