Solar Mini-Grid

Entusi is home to an incredible Solar power mini-grid system that has transformed the way we operate on the peninsula!

In partnership with MeshPower Rwanda, Entusi has been almost exclusively powered by solar energy for its general operations. Our partner, Meshpower Rwanda, is a rural electrification company focusing on the development and deployment of scalable, mini solar electricity grids through Rwanda.

Meshpower Rwanda - Header Logo.png

Today, the organization operates one of the largest mini-grid portfolios in the world and is moving to expand the capability of its systems, powering large scale equipment that can drive economic development as well as diversifying beyond electricity provision. GLI partnered with MeshPower in 2017 to make Entusi the pilot for this innovative infrastructure.

Before the solar system, Entusi’s sole electricity source was one large diesel generator, typically running about 8.4 hours a day, consuming up to 600 USD per month in fuel costs. In the last 6 months, the new system has saved Entusi hundreds of dollars every month, money which can now be reinvested back into Entusi’s community programs. The diesel generator is only used for backup purposes, and will be getting replaced for a smaller, quiet model in the next few months. The system has had ongoing improvements and changes to boost efficiency and further reduce the environmental impact that Entusi has.