GLI believes that job creation is what ultimately acts as the catalyst to move people out of poverty and into sustainable living conditions in East Africa.

Since late 2017, GLI has been involved and hosted over a dozen Workforce Development Trainings, spanning across many sectors: soft-skill development, IT skills, Financial management/bookkeeping, Mindfulness, Human Resource management, Leadership, Entrepreneurship, and various aspects of Agriculture. To implement these trainings, GLI has activated both local and U.S.-based partnerships to help train Ugandan youth and working professionals in skills that will allow them to seek out new opportunities and employment avenues.

Additionally, these trainings and network building has helped GLI put many individuals back into the workplace, and also create new employment opportunities through its community programs. Major avenues of job creation have been through Agribusiness, and especially through Talent Placement in partnership with Staffable Africa, GLI’s for-profit, social impact recruiting company.

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Computer Lessons 

These lessons started in 2015 when we set up our library to be used as a space where the students and Entusi staff could come and learn. Since technology is currently the biggest driver of development in the modern world, we are helping students from different schools and villages, as well as Entusi staff, to get exposure to computers and learn/improve their skills.

The lessons are led by Entusi’s general Manager, attended by students during school holidays, and has become a great avenue for Entusi staff and interns to learn and improve their own computer skills. Exposure to computers in this area is very rare, and this program is helping fill that gap. Moving forward, our Manager will work to train other Entusi staff to lead these lessons. We also hope to scale this program up and extend its reach to adults and other communities, with potential for more formalized computer trainings.

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Swimming Lessons 

In 2016, the Entusi staff raised the issue of water safety as one of the biggest problems affecting the Lake Bunyonyi community. Entusi staff satwith leaders from the different communities, and together they Listened and Thought about different community problems and put together a 5 years strategic plan. Later that year, the Action took place in the form of swim lessons for children at Entusi.

The swim lessons are meant for children around the Lake Bunyonyi community between ages 6–15. Because water safety is one of the biggest problems in the area, we are teaching the children about safety on the lake, swimming skills, and the use of life jackets. This will help minimize deaths that result from drowning and improve overall safety around the Lake Bunyonyi area.

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Mental Health Facilitator (MHF) Trainings

Identifying Mental Health as a clear gap in numerous communities in Africa, Entusi started these trainings in 2014 in partnership with the National Board of Certified Counselors (NBCC) from the United States. The program looks to train and provide skills on how to recognize and handle different Mental Health issues. Mental health has numerous areas of impact on the lives and incomes of local families and economies. In general, improved mental health can empower individuals to work more and see their families thrive. Through trainings, teachers and facilitators can also be better equipped to address and work with kids that have serious mental health issues.

This program has grown its reach and impact through a linkage with GLI’s Concert Series throughout Uganda. The trainings were first held at Lake Bunyonyi and Kabale town, but have spread into different parts of Uganda, including Lira and Masaka Districts. We have trained over 150 people, which includes newly certified trainers who are helping scale up this program and extend it to other districts in Uganda.