Entusi Resort
& Retreat Center


Entusi is an international space for students, community leaders, and global travelers to come together, relax, reflect, and engage in innovative dialogue about complex social issues.

Entusi is the home to a series of GLI conferences and programming initiatives in East Africa. It has been the site of women’s leadership retreats, youth summits, mental health training conferences, TEDx talks, HIV awareness music festivals, and community celebrations. And we are just getting started! A trip to East Africa with GLI always culminates with some sort of programming or conference at Entusi. Outside organizations and groups in Uganda are also able to book Entusi for their staff retreats and conferences.

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A place to reflect, recharge, and relax.

Entusi is about social impact and provides important job opportunities for community members while also allocating a percentage of its income to community investment projects. The center is completely Ugandan operated and currently employs 18 local Ugandans full-time.

Our commitment is to pay our team competitively and to grow them as leaders in the community. When you invest in people and you employ them with meaningful jobs, some amazing things begin to happen! They begin to make decisions about their own families; they decide where they want to send their kids to school; what health care they need. They rely less on others and invest more in their families.

Entusi is ranked #1 on TripAdvisor in the Kabale District and is open to backpackers and tourists year-round. Check out what visitors had to say about their time at Entusi!. Simply put, the Entusi Resort and Retreat Center embodies the mission of the Global Livingston Institute.

For more information about Entusi and for reservation inquiries, please visit entusi.org.

Between 2009 and 2012, hundreds of students and community leaders traveled to East Africa with GLI to listen and to think.

In 2012, we realized the need for a space to house the innovative conversations that were taking place. We chose a location on a peninsula on Lake Bunyonyi in southern Uganda, a region in which we had been building partnerships for three years.

The concept was to create a ‘poor man’s Aspen Institute’. It was designed to be a place where we could bring smart and talented students, community leaders, teachers, artists and academics to think differently and to think big about complex social issues. A place to bring people who never get invited anywhere to have a seat at the table. And a place to serve the most vulnerable individuals in the local community. Since its grand opening in 2013, Entusi has become engaged in a very innovative approach to community development and we are changing the way students and community leaders think about international development.

The construction of Entusi employed over 150 Ugandans and a majority of the goods and services were purchased locally. And when you invest in a community and you build genuine partnerships, community development and international development looks different!

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