GLI Evaluation — Brokering Development Assistance in East Africa: A Policy Analysis

Mengwei Deng, James Galindo, Troy Hoppenjan, Katherine Mitchell, Steven Swedberg

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Interorganizational Relationships & Nongovernmental Organization Institutional Sustainability in Uganda

Kagan, Jennifer A. (M.P.A., Public Affairs and Administration)

This thesis examines a network of nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) operating in a suburban community in Uganda, and it explores the relationship between interorganizational partnerships and institutional sustainability.

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Effectiveness, Empowerment and Sustainability: International Strategic Partnerships for Community Development 

Sam Bowersox-Daly (UC Denver), Kelly Hupfeld, JD Dr. Brian Gerber PhD

In the past year, Come Let’s Dance, a nongovernmental organization (NGO) based in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, has acquired new property near slums located in Katanga, Uganda. The Global Livingston Institute, which partners with Come Let’s Dance and other organizations working in Uganda, is conceptualizing plans for best future use of this space.

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Improving Girls’ Secondary Education in the Developing World

Jana Everett, Chair Lucy McGuffey, James Van Leeuwen

In many countries, particularly in the developing world, a large number of girls are receiving little or no formal education, in spite of all of the benefits that education can confer. Education has intrinsic value, as girls can experience a sense of agency and empowerment when they are able to achieve their educational goals.

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Making the Most of Reintegration — Partnering with Former Child Soldiers in Lira, Uganda

JaeHyun Kim, Youngmin Song, Chingis Toregeldin, Michael Veglucci

Our goal was to develop a report on current socioeconomic conditions in Uganda as well as existing programs designed to improve mental health, provide vocational training, and increase opportunities for participation and increase earning potential in the agricultural sector to improve the lives of Former Child Soldiers (FCS) in Uganda.

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Evaluating GLI’s Impact on Past Travelers

Samantha G. Sgourakes (UC Denver, Public Affairs)

Assessing the impact of the Global Livingston Institute’s abroad trips, this study evaluates if travelers from 2009-2016 are competent in each component of the ‘listen, think, act’ framework upon their return from East Africa. Surveying individuals who traveled with the Global Livingston Institute over the course of seven years, this report acknowledges that various confounding factors may exist that could affect reported levels of impact.

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TUSPA Enterprises — Business Plan

Pamela Tusiime (Fiscal Year 2016-2017)

Tuspa Enterprises was started by the Founder and CEO, Pamela Tusiime in order to raise school funds for university. With the support of family and friends, Pam or Tuspa, her self-proclaimed nickname, ventured out to start her own consumer packaged goods business in 2007, with the company's official founding year of incorporation in 2009.

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TUSPA Enterprises — Business Analysis

Annie Carruthers, Amy Davis, Kate Deeny, Matt Frost and Will Hoover

Tuspa is a consumer foods company based in Kampala, Uganda that primarily manufactures peanut butter, popcorn, and honey. […] Generally, Tuspa’s growth has been hindered by high interest loans and a general lack of access to working capital. The Global Livingston Institute (GLI), a U.S.- and Uganda-based community development organization, recognized this barrier and issued Tuspa a working loan with a competitive rate.

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Supporting Reintegration of Former Child Soldiers with a Social Enterprise — Viability Study

Enkhzul Altangerel and Carolina Araya Chaves

In the fall semester of 2017-2018 academic year, two student consultants from Cornell Institute for Public Affairs - Enkhzul Altangerel and Carolina Araya Chaves - worked on viability study of bakery business in Lira, Uganda, as part of an ongoing research project on reintegration of Former Child Soldiers (FCS) in Uganda. As phase IV of the research partnership between Cornell Institute for Public Affairs and Global Livingston Institute (GLI), the study continued the efforts of the previous studies, which focused on determining appropriate skills development and employment generation opportunities for the FCS.

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